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Cerimoniale del viceregno austriaco di Napoli 1707-1734

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Cerimoniale del viceregno austriaco di Napoli 1707-1734

The second volume of the series, inaugurated at the end of the 2012 with the volume Cerimoniale del viceregno austriaco di Napoli 1650-1717, talks about a little-known page of history, but of great artistic, political and cultural importance: the Austrian Naples.


In this book we can find unpublished texts about the ceremonies of the vice real court in Naples during the years that saw the Habsburg of Vienna ruling the kingdom after the two centuries of the Spanish monarchy.


The years of the sovereignty of the Habsburg on Naples are seen through the rituals of the court, grafting without screeching between the long duration of the Spanish crown and the kingdom of Charles of Bourbon.

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book profile

series Cerimoniali della corte di Napoli

curator Attilio Antonelli

title Cerimoniale del viceregno austriaco di               Napoli 1650-1717

ISBN 978-88-569-0394-27

pages 512

size 24x30

price 75,00 euro

editor Arte'm