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Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo di Napoli 1503-1622

Third volume of the exemplary series, for philological rigor and iconographic wealth, dedicated to the ceremonial of the court in Naples from 1503 to 1622.


Il Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo di Napoli 1503-1622 add a crucial wedge for the Neapolitan historiography: an unpublished manuscript preserved in Seville, but compiled in Naples in Spanish language, integrally published here with its translation.


Through the pen of the most ancient master of ceremonies till now documented, Miguel Díez de Aux, who was in service at Royal Palace for fifty years, the Neapolitan court life of the XVI-XVII century are disclosed, together with the ceremonial of the viceroy, from the Gran Captain to the V Dukeof Alba.


book profile

series Cerimoniali della corte di Napoli

curator Attilio Antonelli

title Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo di Napoli 1503-1622

ISBN 978-88-569-0502-1

pages 544

size 24x30

price 60,00 euro

editor arte'm

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