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Cerimoniale dei Borbone di Napoli 1734-1801

The fourth volume, printed in the occasion of the third centennial birth of Charles of Bourbon, publish two unpublished manuscripts kept in the ‘Archivio di Stato di Napoli’with the ceremonials of the years of Charles of Bourbon (1716-1788) and of his son Ferdinand IV (1751-1825), until the 1801.


Enriched by a masterly introduction of RaffaeleAjello, the volume – with assays, illustrations and notes – presents two manuscripts that show the life court during the new kingdom, since the arrival of Charles of Bourbon in 1734 to his departure in 1759, when he becomes the new King of Spain.


Next to Charles of Bourbon,the figures of her wife Maria Amalia of Saxony and of his minister Bernardo Tanucci. The ceremonial events come to 1801, year of the return of Ferdinand of Bourbon from Palermo to Napoli.


The unpublished manuscript sources are accompanied by 40 plate that show the Cappella Palatina and the real apartments during the ceremonial events with the precise location of the rulers and all the other participants.


book profile

series Cerimoniali della corte di Napoli

curator Attilio Antonelli

title Cerimoniale dei Borbone di Napoli 1734-1801

ISBN 978-88-569-0559-5

pages 560

size 24x30

price 65,00 euro

editor arte'm

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