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Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo e austriaco 1650-1717

Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo e austriaco, 1650-1717 is the first volume of the book series I Cerimoniali della corte di Napoli. The book publishes for the first time the ceremonial texts of Naples, in Italian and Spanish languages. For all these ceremonials texts there is an Italian translation (ancient and, in small part, modern) that put in evidence the importance of the knowledge of these texts in Italy.


The volume, besides the texts and the introductory assay, is equipped by a rich iconography (260 images) and an apparatus of notes, indexes (analytical,chronological, places), glossary and appendices, to explore an historical period, which reveals richer than before.



SERIES Cerimoniali della corte di Napoli

curator Attilio Antonelli

titLE Cerimoniale del viceregno spagnolo e austriaco di Napoli 1650-1717

ISBN 978-88-498-3484-0

pagES 620

SIZE 24x30

prICE 90,00 euro

editoR Rubbettino

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